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Sparkle's Wax Melts



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All blends offered in the following:
Snap Bars $6.40
Owls $3.90
Pumpkins $3.90
Apples $3.90

🍁Spiced Caramel•Mac Apple•Pumpkin Pecan Waffle •Toasted Marshmallow

🍁Blueberry Cobbler •Sugar Cookie •Sugared Lemon

🍁Apricot White Tea •Sangria Punch

🍁Pumpkin Pecan Waffle• Zucchini Bread

🍁Pumpkin Spice •Toasted Marshmallow•Vanilla Bean

🍁Sweet Potato Brown Sugar •Marshmallow Fluff

🍁Pumpkin Spice •S'mores • Caramel Apples

🍁Apple Butter •Pumpkin Pecan Waffle• Toasted Marshmallow•and a hint of Cider Lane

🍁Sweet Potato Brown Sugar• Caramel Toffee• Nana’s Cornbread• Toasted Marshmallow

🍁Cranberry Chutney •Sweater Weather• VBN• and a hint of Firewood

🍁Bourbon Butterscotch• Library •Smoked Vanilla

🍁Maple Pumpkin•Carmel Cinnamon Latte•Sugar Cookie•Marshmallow Fireside

🍁Marshmallow Fireside•Pumpkin Pecan Waffles •lCreamy vanilla

🍁The Perfect Autumn •fresh cranberries spiced pumpkin crisp apples rich clove

🍁Sweet Potato Brown Sugar •sweet potato blended with coconut milk brown sugar cinnamon nutmeg vanilla maple sugar & buttered rum

🍁Mahogany Apple •rich red mahogany wood crisp apples & lavender sprigs! (BBW dupe)

🍁Iced Vanilla Woods •creamy vanilla lavender ending with woodsy smokey tones. (BBW dupe)

🍁Apples Galore •mac apple green apple caramel apple

🍁Jam....oh Jam! •fresh bread raspberry jam

🍁Glazy Day •caramel apple glazed donut

🍁Easy like Sunday Mornin •cranberry apple marmalade cornbread

🍁Yo PHAT Girl! •maple pumpkin glazed donut

🍁PHAT Girl Problems •sweet potato pineapple pecan praline fire roasted marshmallow

🍁Saturdays with J •apple butter zucchini bread

🍁Cabin Fever •cozy cabin egyptian amber maple pumpkin

🍁Rhythm & Blues •blue sage & sandalwood blue spruce blue sugar

🍂Fall Fair •kettle corn candied apple funnel cake

🍂Autumn Night •cranberry apple marmalade frasier fir pomegranate noir

🍂Midnight Snacks •marshmallow fireside peanut butter cookie pumpkin pie

🍂Night Cap •cracklin birch bourbon butterscotch coffee house

🍂Sunday Sweets •sweet potato & brown sugar pecan pralines zucchini bread

🍂Morning Pumpkin Me Up •pumpkin pecan waffle pumpkin spiced latte pumpkin pie

🍂His Cardigan•sweater weather black ice american cream

🍂Autumnal Fantasy •ny cheesecake nutmeg & spice vanilla sugar cookie dough

🍂GMA’s Best •granny's apple pie chocolate chip cookie chai

🍂A Pumpkin Affair •pumpkin pie buttercream crunch marshmallow fireside

🍂Gift From Virgo •oud patchouli amber cashmere plum

🍂Cabin Nights With Bae •cucumber melon freezing by the lakeside fierce

🍂Boo’d Up For FALL •patchouli amber falling leaves cozy cabin

🍂Blue Me Away •blue sugar midnight blue citrus white sage & sea salt

🍂Lumberjack •redwood & cedar firewood autumn flannel

🍂Love On The Weekend •black pepper bergamot charcoal tonka musk

🍂Falling Into You •blueberry cobbler cranberry chutney caramelized pralines

🍂Witch’s Brew •nutmeg & spice patchouli amber balsam & berry redwood & cedar

🍂That Pop! •pralines sugar milk caramel popcorn funnel cake

🍁Hole Up, Wait a Minute •caramelized praline sweet potato brown sugar cinnamon sugar donuts

🍁One Smokin' Mama •spiced caramel palo santo coffee house

🍁Coffee by the Fireplace •marshmallow fireside la beignet carrot cake starbucks coffee

🍁Witches Be-Having Badly •rum raisin apple cider donuts sugar cookie

🍁Treat Yo Self •pumpkin marshmallow mexican fried ice cream vanilla sugar waffle cone

🍁You Can't Crust This •dulce de leches candied yams maple pumpkin pie crust

🍁You Gon' Eat Yo Cornbread •apple butter vbn nana’s cornbread

🍁A Brunch of Bad Decisions •banana sugar milk pumpkin pecan waffles butterscotch bourbon

🍁I'm a Nightmare Before Coffee •warm caramel vanilla pumpkin ice cream scoop bread hazelnut coffee

🍁The Light's On •fire roasted marshmallow blueberry cobbler glazed donut

🍁You Can't Sip With Us •butterbrickle nutmeg & spice chai

🍂Caramel Me Jealous •Palo santo tres leches cake caramel cinnamon latte

🍂Southey Hospitality •strawberry serendipity sweet cornbread

🍂Pumpkin Boo •pumpkin chai cinnamon bun caramel apple

🍂McSpicy •marshmallow fluff nutmeg & spice Mac apple palo santo

🍂All My Peaches •pumpkin georgia peach vanilla sugar waffle cone peach nectar

🍂Chillin With My Boo •bourbon butterscotch pecan praline fall festival patchouli

🍂Sip Sip •farmhouse cider fire roasted marshmallow Mac apple ginger ale whiskey

🍂Pink Fall Night •pink apple punch cozy cabin palo santo falling leaves bite me

🍂The Big Apple •my cheesecake pumpkin caramel toffee mac apple

🍂Suga Suga •black sugar sweater weather green tea chai dulce de leches

🍁My Yams •candied yams cinnamon spiced vanilla falling leaves marshmallow fireside

🍁Hello Fall •smoked vanilla s’mores palo santo black opium whipped cream

🍁Arcadia •la beignet raspberry jam lemon zest

🍁Coffee, Tea, or Me •tea & cakes starbucks coffee VBN

🍁Snickernana •snickerdoodle banana cream pie

🍁Chocochurro •Mexican fried ice cream hot chocolate

🍁Oh My Gourd • pumpkin pecan waffles zucchini bread buttercream

🍁Autumn Sunset •blood orange dragon’s blood vanilla musk

🍂I'll Be in My Study •vanilla lace library pipe tobacco cherry leaf

🍂Up With the Sunrise •gold sugar oatmeal mil & honey French vanilla latte

🍂Autumn Leaves •woodland foliage earthen oak firewood whiskey

🍂All Fired Up •black opium firewood fire roasted marshmallow
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