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Sparkle's Wax Melts



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It’s Cuddle ♥️ Season 

blends created by our Facebook group! 

Preorder Jan 8th - Jan 14th

Shipping week of Feb 10th

Shipping flat rate $9.50

30 blends 

8oz Cutie Shape Bags $12.80

5oz Mini Pies $7.20

When It’s Cold Outside Who Are You Holding~ Vanilla Birch Cocoa Butter Cashmere Hedonic Tonic

Baby Hold On To Me ~ Lavender Martini Palo Santo Lemon Curd

Lay Your Head On My Pillow ~ Sun Energy Rose Petals Downy Ultra Blue Gingham

Sexual Healing ~ Black Cardamon & Cream Mahogany Shea Very Vanilla 

Butta Love ~ Apple Strudel Apple Butter Roasted Marshmallow 

So Into You ~ Oxford Cherry Tobacco Vanilla Lace   

Sweet Nothing ~ Romance RL A Thousand Wishes Golden Embargo

Lost In A Daydream ~ Golden Sands Green Tea Egyptian Amber

Butterflies ~  Vanilla Birch Exhale with Palo

Sweet Sensations ~ Strawberry Vanilla Gold Sugar 

Hunny Bear ~ island Coconut Lavender & Chamomile Patchouli Honey Honey

Calm and Cozy ~ Sandalwood Frankincense & Myrrh Lavender 

This Cozy Home ~ Rose Vanilla Sandalwood Grapefruit Frankincense Lavender

Snuggle Bunny ~ Island Fresh Gain Lavender Vanilla 

Bae, Bae, Bae ~ Jamaica's Cashmere & Silk Clean Cotton Blue Sugar Cupcake @ Tiffany’s

Object of My Desire ~ Pina Colada Jasmine Bamboo Pink Sugar 

Hot Stuff ~ Green Tea Chai Oatmeal Milk & Honey Cashmere & Glow 

Pucker Up Buttercup ~ Pink Apple Punch Bonsai Lemon Pucker 

Love All Over Me ~ Ocean Mist Pink Apple Punch Pink Sands  

Cheers to You ~ Strawberries & Champagne Blood Orange Cognac Vanilla 

Take It Off ~ Indian Sandalwood  Little Black Dress Smoked Vanilla 

I See You Baby ~ Black Sea Sea Salt & Orchid Amber Noir   

Late Nights & Early Mornings ~ Black Pepper Bergamot Snow Flake & Citrus English Tea

The Maintenance Man- Caribbean Day Spa, Celestial Sea, Stainless steel   

Love's An Adventure ~ Sweet Lavender Sugared Lemon Sweet For Paris  

Cry For You ~ Caramelized Pralines Vanilla Butter Fudge Rose Milk  Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough

Cupid's Still Stupid ~ Sunwashed Citrus Blonde Moment Fizzy Pop    

Ready to Risk It All ~ Sex Bomb  Vanilla Cherry Champagne Toast      

You Sexy Thang ~ Blue Sugar Blue Sage Sandalwood Barbershop 1920

Lover of Mines ~ Palo Santo LA Beignet Cotton Candy   


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