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Sparkle's Wax Melts



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Dessert Wax Melts 🧁

Price $4.50 - $8.00

Available ready to ship January 20th
Shipping Flat Rate $9.50


Superstar Cupcakes $8 aprox 4.5 oz 

Handmade Cookies $4.50 aprox 2.5 oz 

Heart Cupcakes $4.50 aprox 2.5 oz (limited quantity) 


🥧Love Pie: Delight your senses with the tempting blend of LA Beignet, black cherry, and baked pie crust, creating a luscious and comforting fragrance reminiscent of a freshly baked pie.


🍎Apple-solutely!: Immerse yourself in the delightful aroma of mac apple, cinnamon, and fresh-baked bread for a warm and inviting scent that captures the essence of apple orchards.


🍪Give Me Those Cookies: Satisfy your sweet tooth with the irresistible combination of sugar cookie, lemon curd, and raspberry jam, evoking the indulgent pleasure of freshly baked cookies.


☕️Sparklers Special: Experience a treat for your senses with the enticing mix of white chocolate mocha, sugar cookie, and whipped cream, creating a decadent and delightful fragrance. Order it at Starbucks next time you visit.


❤️‍🔥Hott Damnn: Ignite your senses with the bold fusion of cinnamon red hots, twisted peppermint, and LA Beignet, delivering a spicy and invigorating scent.


🥀Sweet Seduction: Succumb to the allure of black raspberry, rose, bergamot, vanilla bean, and plum in this sweet and seductive fragrance that captivates and enchants.



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