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Sparkle's Wax Melts



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This is a Car Diffuser BUNDLE DEAL! You can select a car diffuser and a refill with the same scent. 

Car Diffuser/Refill Please select from the scents available.
Sun Energy
Black Ice
Palo Santo
Pink Apple Punch

How to use diffuser
  1. Remove the wooden cap from bottle
  2. Remove the plastic stopper
  3. Refill with oil supplied from car diffuser refill (only use this step to refill diffuser)
  4. Replace the wooden cap securely
  5. Flip the bottle for 1-2 seconds
  6. Hang up & enjoy

Refresh your scent by tipping bottle upside down. Please remove from hanging to refresh scent.
Keep out of reach if children & pets. Avoid contact with face & eyes. Do not place where visibility or view will be obscured.
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