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Sparkle's Wax Melts

QUEEN OF KLEAN ready to ship

QUEEN OF KLEAN ready to ship

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Queen 👸🏾 of Klean 👸🏾🧽🧹🧼👸🏾

Items are ready to ship this is what is leftover from our preorder.

Breakaway Bars: $6.80
Clamshells: $5

Curated Scent List:

Keep It Clean: sun energy fresh linen bonsai

Seaside Retreat: baja cactus blossom gain laundry mango papaya salty sea air

Clean Queen: cucumber and green tea white pear & fig

Island Hospitality: caribbean day spa lavender tassi swedish dream salt

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: sunwashed citrus white linen lemon curd

Party On the Beach: gain island fresh strawberry margarita

Squeaky Klean: fresh outdoors lemon verbena mandarin orange

My Happy Place: zen bamboo bonsai

Another Rainy Night in Seattle: rainstorm patchouli rain and a light splash of ivory soap

Country Clothesline: gain laundry green apple macIntosh apple mandarin cranberry

Different Soaks for Different Folks: rose milk oatmeal milk & honey golden sands

Slippery When Wet: white linen cherry champagne toast avo bath

A Fresh Start: relaxing embrace apple mango tango ocean mist

Finally Clean: jamaica’s cashmere & silk salty sea air lemon

Wipe Me Down: cucumber & green tea lemon verbena sunwashed citrus

Spring Cleaning: zen bamboo & lotus flower

Dry Cleaned: downy ultra blue sauvage dior

Self Care Day: spa day clothesline american cream

Let the Sun Shine In: gain Island fresh avo bath white linen lemon zest

Klean As A Whistle: white clouds pink grapefruit salty sea air

Cause It's Saturday: green apple vanilla bean noel clean cotton

Pink Apple Punch Clothesline Hedonic Tonic

Lemongrass Grapefruit Bellini Rain Water

Bonsai Honey I Washed The Kids Mac Apple

Irish Spring Honeydew Melon Baja Cactus Blossom

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